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University of Lodz
Faculty of Physics and Applied Informatics
Department of High Energy Astrophysics
90-236 Lodz, Pomorska 149, Poland
uni lodz



The contribution of the University of Lodz in theoretical research the Pierre Auger Observatory

Develop a filter reducing the noise interference in the detector geo - synchrotron radiation experiment AERA . Filter is based on cutting the peak interference with Fourier spectrum median filter
A.Schmidt , H.Gemmeke , A.Haungs , K.H.Kampert , Ch.Ruhle , Z.Szadkowski , FPGA -Based Signal -Processing for Radio Detection of Cosmic Rays IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science , (2011 ) 58 , No. 4 16210

Optimization algorithm Discrete Cosine Transform Arai - Agui - Nakajima for implementation in FPGAs , applicable to the detection of horizontal bunches
Z.Szadkowski , An Optimization of 16 -Point Discrete Cosine Imlemented Transform into a FPGA as a Design for the First Level Surface the Spectra Detector Trigger In Extensive Air Shower Experiments , Applications of DIGITAL SIGNAL PROCESSING ( 2011) ( Edited by Christian Cuadrado - Laborde ) ISBN 978-953-307-406-1

The use of fast Fourier transform detection of cosmic rays
Z.Szadkowski , 16 -point discrete Fourier transform based on the Radix -2 FFT algorithm into the Cyclone FPGA Implemented The ace of the UHECR trigger for horizontal air showers in the Pierre Auger Observatory Nucl.Instrum.Meth . A, (2006 ) A 560 (2) 309-316
Z.Szadkowski , based FPGA series and each- clock cycle pipelined Fast Fourier Transforms in a radio detection of cosmic rays , Design and Architectures for Digital Signal Processing, (2012 ) ( Edited by Gustavo Ruiz ) ISBN 980-953-307-610 - 7